Internet projects more secure with 1&1 click and build

Choose a tool, click the app – and get started right away without worry.  With the new 1&1 Click & Build applications, private users, freelancers and businesses can now comfortably integrate useful Web applications within their website.  Up to 65 high-quality homepage applications are available for free with the new 1&1 Dual Hosting packages on Linux, from £1.99 per month+VAT. 1&1 manages updates and maintenance as well as the protection of the solutions that are based on the Application Packaging Standard (APS).

The 1&1 Click & Build applications are suited to both first-time users and professionals, while fulfilling many useful online functions.  The topics range from weblogs to chat channels, calendars, e-learning platforms or e-commerce, as well as content and project management systems.  Users can choose from leading applications like WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, Drupal and concrete5.

These open source solutions are free of advertisements and can be added, changed or removed easily via the 1&1 Control Panel.  1&1 provides continuous updates so users can always access the latest features of the software.  Possible security gaps are therefore blocked automatically.  Thus, website owners can be certain that their applications are always secure against potential intruders.

A number of 1&1 Click & Build applications are included for free in all 1&1 Dual Hosting packages on Linux.  With 1&1 Dual Hosting, 1&1 provides double security with geo-redundant server technology.  This redundancy guarantees a maximum website availability 365 days a year.  All data and processes are mirrored in almost real-time so website uptime is more reliable than ever before.

The Application Packaging Standard (APS) defines a format for which software producers can make their applications compatible for ‘plug & play’.  These solutions can be integrated into hosting environments easily and made available seamlessly via a standardized interface.

For more information on 1&1 hosting visit the website at

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