MarketingSherpa Releases Its First-Ever Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report

MarketingSherpa has just released its first-ever Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report. It details how 2,673 marketers are using landing page optimization (LPO) to attain the most value from their web traffic and all related marketing initiatives like search, email and social media.

“Landing Page Optimization is now coming of age thanks to a critical mass of marketers who are consistently using it. There are enough people investing in LPO to provide a comprehensive operations-level view as well as practical insights into what to expect from it, what works and what doesn’t,” explains the report’s author, Boris Grinkot, MarketingSherpa’s Associate Director of Product Development. “We now have the industry benchmarks against which marketing professionals can compare their organizations’ practices and performance so they can intelligently guide strategic decisions and tactical planning.”

The report compiles and analyzes responses to an extensive survey that unveiled an unprecedented view of marketers’ practices, preferences, and lessons learned. This reveals an emerging LPO landscape. The decreasing cost of web and transactional analytics tools combined with improved testing protocols and insights from primary research thought leaders are making LPO more accessible. In essence, LPO is becoming common practice among marketers and this report details their key insights into developing and using it wisely.

More than 230 pages feature 173 charts with analyses and special sections on LPO tactics, testing, metrics, budgeting and much more. This research report will help marketers improve ROI by answering questions such as:

  • What page elements are other marketers testing and optimizing to maximize results?
  • Am I properly staffing and funding my optimization efforts?
  • I know that relevance is critical but what specific tactics are most effective in determining relevancy for my audience?
  • What is the impact of optimization as a percentage of revenue? 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%+?
  • What impact does optimization have on priorities like request for a quote, free downloads, product sales and more?
  • What opportunities am I missing in optimization?

To learn more or to purchase a copy, click here:

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MarketingSherpa Releases Its First-Ever Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report 1

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