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1&1 Internet Ltd.,, a global leader amongst web hosts, today announced the launch of its new app for monitoring servers. With this app, 1&1 users can monitor the availability of their dedicated, virtual and cloud servers and the network services they are executing.  Furthermore, the customer will be notified automatically if there should be any change regarding the server status.

The ‘1&1 Mobile Server Monitoring App’ enables customers to monitor all of their 1&1 servers any time and any place.  The services provided by these servers such as HTTP, HTTPS, SSH and ping are monitored.  The current service status is visualized in green if the service is available and red should the service be unavailable.  Additionally, customers can retrace the history of the past 7 days to get a broad overview.  All mentioned features can be freely activated or deactivated.

Another handy feature is the automatic notification should a server status change.  Thus, the customer does not need to manually check their server status but will instead be notified as soon as there are any changes.  Depending on the smartphone and configuration used, the notification appears either as a text message or a combination of text, sound and vibration.

The 1&1 Mobile Server Monitoring App is available for all common mobile operating systems.  It is free of charge and ready for download at Apple iTunes and Android Market.  Shortly, it will also be made available from the Nokia Ovi Store.

An online video demonstrating the app can be found at the 1&1 YouTube channel at:

The App can be downloaded from the following pages:

Apple iOS:

Android Market:  market://search?

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