Innovative ExactView Technology Tracks Social Media to point of Sale

Brands who have implemented a social media strategy into their integrated consumer outreach programmes but have been unable to effectively evaluate the success of their campaigns to the point of sales conversions, need now look no further than ExactView – the latest technological advancement by leading provider of real-time performance marketing technology, Performance Horizon Group (PHG).

ExactView is a global platform for tracking, reporting, managing and optimising performance partner relationships regardless of channel or device, such as affiliate and lead generation, which is currently being used by over 25 brands in 11 countries, since its launch in January 2011.

The latest feature enhancement of ExactView enables PHG’s clients to measure the value of sales generated through social media platforms like Facebook, including the volume of ‘Likes’ a brand receives from its website on Facebook, where the ‘Like’ came from and whether there was a sale as a result.

Group buying site kgbdeals is PHG’s first test client of this revolutionary technology and three main areas of the Facebook ‘Like’ journey are planned to be monitored including all clicks generated through the ‘Like’ buttons on the kgbdeals website. The brand is also aiming to soon track all subsequent conversions generated after the user has clicked the ‘Like’ button, to gather an understanding of the ‘referral tree’ generated from a user’s ‘Like’.

Thomas Greiderer, social media manager at kgbdeals, said: “We want our social media budgets to work as hard as they possibly can, so by using ExactView to track our activity we can effectively plan our campaigns. The end result will mean the most relevant deals are released on our social media channels at opportune times, to ultimately help us increase sales.”
PHG is currently offering a very limited trial of the technology on a first-come first-served basis for companies who are interested in lifting the veil on whether their social media activity is driving sales.

Malcolm Cowley, CEO of PHG who has an impressive track record in the online e-commerce sector having co-founded and sold the leading global affiliate network to AOL for $125million in 2008, said: “We have all witnessed the astonishing growth of social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter and now, Google+, and over the past few years consumer brands have been quick to integrate social media into their marketing efforts. With insufficient social media measurement tools in place, however, many have been concerned the impact this investment is having on sales.

“Now, thanks to ExactView brands can build effective social media tracking into their performance marketing campaigns to not only monitor effectiveness, but also see where conversions are being made and if social media budgets should be reallocated, bolstered or reduced.”

For more information on ExactView or to apply for a free trial, contact Sean Sewell at PHG on 020 7993 8027, email .

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