5 Ways to Make your Blog Popular

By Brendan Egan

Blogging is a form of social networking. It provides a platform where you can share your views with the world on any topic you want. These blogs are related to several different topics, some of which are current ones, like politics, showbiz, music, etc. Your job does not end with just writing for a particular blog, but you also have to work on making it popular. There are many companies out there providing web design services that can availed at a minimal cost. However, there are number of things that you must keep in mind on a personal level as well.

Encourage Interaction
Bloggers not only need to provide their blogs with the content but also with something that can create some kind of interaction between the readers and the blogger. Many of the famous blogs include online diaries, while some include online advertisements of different brands. There are many other kinds of things that are included in a blog as well. These include mp3 files, video files, podcasts, etc.

Be Genuine!
There are a few blogs which are so popular that everyone knows about them. You might be wondering as to why they are this important. One of the reasons might be that they have the knowledge of the art of blogosphere. You must always know which blog readers you want to attract more. However, your posts must not give the impression of being spam; instead they must contain genuine and healthy conversation among readers, which would attract more people.

Pick Controversial and Interesting Topics
You should avoid any fake controversy when it comes to your blog and you must always try to generate actual conversations instead of made them up. Furthermore, controversial topics are the ones which are more liked by a majority of the readers. It is human nature to like such topics so add these more in your blog.

Give Your Readers Food For Thought!
You must always come up with posts that linger in the minds of your readers and make a strong impact. It must be something that people think about for a long time after they have read it. You must always think about the reader when you are writing a blog and also about how readers can use it to make their lives better. Thus, along with investing in web design services, the content must never be ignored.

Stick With the Facts
You must always base your blogs on facts. Include references about the posts that you provide and from where you have taken the tests from, as they will make your blog more realistic and will ensure your readers that whatever that has been posted on your blog is authentic. Lastly, you can try picking personal topics that you may have an emotional attachment with. Such blogs are always successful. Your blogs must be written with passion, as this is the only way you will be able to reach out to the readers and make them relate.

About the author
Brendan Egan is the owner of Simple SEO Group, an online marketing and web design that helps small businesses gain more customers on the internet. Brendan can be contacted directly at www.SimpleSEOGroup.com

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