3 methods small businesses can use to use My Blog Guest to their advantage

By Joe Linford

The power of guest posting has been well-established in the blogging world. For a quick recap, guest posting allows you to build backlinks to your site, get your content and name in front of new audiences to build your brand, and drive traffic and new readers to your sites.

But finding opportunities for guest posting can seem difficult. You might be intimidated about approaching blogs, or be constrained by the time that it takes to identify blogs and figure out if they accept guest posts. A new tool called myblogguest.com just made it easier for businesses and bloggers to use guest posting to achieve their business goals.
What is My Blog Guest?

Myblogguest.com is a site that was originally developed by SEO and blogging expert Ann Smarty. The system was designed to create a two way street that allowed bloggers looking for guest post opportunities and blog owners needing content to connect. Getting started is easy. Sign up for an account. You’ll then be instructed to link up your social profiles, upload an avatar, post an introduction to the welcome forum explaining why you’re on the site, and subscribe to the free e-course that will help you get the most out of your efforts.

With that in mind, here are three Strategies To Get the Most From MyBlogGuest.com

1. Sign up to get guest posts written for your site: There are so many benefits to having regular content on your blog. In addition to regular content that encourages people to visit your site, frequent posts can have a major SEO impact on your site by giving you linkable content and regular updates that Google counts in its algorithm. Visit the forum entitled ‘Looking For a Guest Author.’ Select your area of interest. The options range from health & beauty to sports to SEO and pets. Tell the group a little about your blog, including the pagerank and themes, how frequently you publish, and the kind of material you are looking for. Make sure that you’re clear on any guidelines (post length, taboo topics, etc.) and what they get in return (number of links, dofollow or nonfollow, payment, byline, etc.).

2. Find new venues to spread your message: If you are focused heavily on building your brand as an expert in a given area or are promoting a specific product/service, finding new ways to spread your message is a top concern. By forming relationships with new bloggers, you’re able to get that message in front of fresh audiences. To look for blogs that need contributors in your space, visit Myguestblog.com’s ‘Looking for a Blog’ section. Here you can consider making a few kinds of specific posts. Select the area of interest that you write about. One option is to post about a specific piece you’ve written that needs a home. Another is to post something about your general areas of interest, writing background, and the kinds of articles that you’d like to write. For example, consider expanding on a headline like “SEO Professional offers well-researched how-to’s on hot social media topics.” Over time, these articles will net you both backlinks and new readers.

3. Social promotion: The ‘Social Help Needed’ forum is a great place to visit when you’re looking to add some fuel to your social networking efforts. Whether you’ve got a blog with lots of great content that too few people know about or you’ve just written a piece that you think has the potential to go viral, a quick post in this forum asks fellow users of the site to Tweet, Facebook, and otherwise promote these materials. Users check out this area both to develop some good karma points with other users, as well as find relevant material to share with their audiences. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but be selective and get support for promoting your best stuff.

Author bio: Joe Linford contributed this guest post on behalf of Broadband Genie, the social shopping site for broadband , mobile broadband and tablet PCs.

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