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Paid search advertising can prove effective in drawing the relevant amount of traffic to your organization, however small businesses make mistakes that cost them their campaigns going in the wrong direction. In a successful paid search advertising campaign advertisers use Google Adwords and Facebook Ads also specifying the amount they want to spend for each click made on their webpage. It is like an auction where the advertiser bidding for the most targeted keyword receives the maximum exposure to large number of users online.

Although the ppc campaign management appears simple yet sometimes even experts create campaigns that create hardly any results either due to selection of wrong keywords or ineffective message. Hence to avoid failure of a good paid search advertising campaign, the following tips need to be kept in mind

Matching Landing pages: A visitor clicking on the PPC advertisement being sent to an irrelevant or wrong landing page will not only disturb the sales process but also create a low ad quality score. This will result in advertiser paying more for per click but also receive very less exposure as compared to other advertisers on the web.

Testing the Ad copy: Writing an effective Ad copy is not an easy task. There has to be testing to check the most effective ad copy. Many PPC platforms provide the advertisers with effective split tests to simultaneously test which ad copy is more effectively performing.

Effective Ad campaign targeting: Majority of advertisers are not precise when targeting their ad campaigns, PPC accounts offer advantage such as targeting multiple countries, Micro-geographic focus and adjusting the time of day as to receive maximum hits and exposure of users.

Separating Search and Content Ad Placement: Majority of PPC marketers select both search as well as content networks when they start their first paid search advertising campaign and use same keywords. Running campaign on both networks costs not only money but also the advertisement being placed in the wrong search results. Customizing ad placements takes more time but creates effective results.

PPC Ad Copy should be Categorized: The Ad copy for a successful PPC campaign should be properly categorized according to the market it is targeting, for children the tone should be easy and in a playful tone.

Ad copy according to Buyer Needs: Buyers in the online world are motivated by different factors to but a product. The marketer should try out different buyer needs including price sensitive Ads, Ads mentioning 24*7 support and official site status.

These tips should be followed by the advertisers for a successful ppc campaign management and gain the required exposure in the online world.

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