6 Facebook Open Graph Applications That Serves Business the Best

By Steve Jason

Facebook launched their new Open Graph Application way back in January 2012. No doubt, Open Graph is an awesome tool for the new marketers, where they can create innumerable business opportunities. These apps extend your reach and with the help of them, your users can easily share your contents.

If you want to take the advantage of these smart apps, then you need to know how to use and have to choose the best among the cluster.

Since the launch in January till date, Facebook developed more than 60 such Open Graph apps and now what suits the best for your business is tough to know. To make the apps compete with the likes of iTunes and Android Marketplace, they are refreshing these apps at every moment.

Here you can look at the six best Open Graph Applications that will raise interest in you:

Pinterest: Pin Is the Best
Latest apps added on Facebook is Pinterest, it is the hottest social networking space in USA and UK. This is nothing but a virtual pinboard, where users can pin and share the interesting things that are part of their business. Now as it is integrated with Facebook, then you can easily stream it with Facebook and finally post it on your business page timeline.

Appsfire: Search All the Apps
Well, as I said that since January Facebook has lately added 60 new such apps and if you need to check thoroughly, you need to enter a vast search process. To make the search simpler Appsfire plays a big role in business. They serve plenty of free and paid options for all sorts of browsing pleasure. In addition to this, it has a cool feature that offers a built-in raking system to show, which is the current trendy application in market.

Create Secure Workspaces with Huddle
Huddle has lots to do as it helps to merge with Facebook online collaboration tools, allowing companies to create secure workspaces. Within these spaces, you can schedule tasks, share files and even approve actions. Huddle is Smartphone savvy and provides a free-version of its online tool for end-users.

Dig Out Business with Digg
One of the popular Open Graph Application is widely used in the social bookmarking space, and is able to offer advantages like increased exposure and traffic. Well as soon as it was launched in Facebook with collaboration, the ratio of its traffic has increased by 35%.

Share it with BuzzFeed
No doubt, an interesting Open Graph app, which every business should check out. The best way to make maximum use of this app is to get an inspiration for the contents. If you need information for sharing, then BuzzFeed is going to provide you with exact content around the web. Either by visiting the sites regularly or subscribing to their RSS feed, so that your niche stays trendy all the time.

BranchOut: Be a Professional
If you are a professional minded then this app will be extremely helpful for business users to identify connections. Not only posting jobs to BranchOut network but also to the entire Facebook network, can be done by you. Lots of branded companies have recognized this app and have confirmed great reviews, the companies are -Forbes and FastCompany.

Among 60 Open Graph Apps these are only six, which you got to know. However, several platforms can help you to further resource your business in right way. Explore the Facebook apps and add them on your business page today.

About the author
Steve Jason, author of this article, works with renowned contact center services who deliver prompt outsourcing services. He is also having adept knowledge of help desk outsourcing services, telemarketing, answering services, and a better customer care.

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