Why 100 Followers are Better than 100,000 on Twitter

Author: EJChurch

When promoting your small business or web site on twitter, it can quite often feel like followers are impossible to get. You look at your competitors\’ twitter accounts and see that they have tens of thousands, and in comparison to your paltry few dozen, you feel inadequate and wonder whether it\’s truly worth bothering with after all.

If your message is only going out to a couple of people, is it still worth your while sending it in the first place?

Well, sure it is. Firstly, you will not be able to bring in any other readers if there is no activity on your account. Would you take the trouble following a person who never tweeted, interacted or posted at all?

Secondly, sending several tweets each day or each week costs you nothing more than a few moments of your time.

And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, there is more to twitter than numbers.

The thing is, social media and social networking are, as the name suggests, social phenomena. They are about creating connections, and interacting with people. If you have 86 followers who you speak to and who know you are pleasant and approachable, they are greatly predisposed to buy from you or check out the sites you suggest than if you blast out tweets to 86, 000 people who follow so many people that tweets go unread and who, often, are bots who don\’t read any tweets at all.

Building relationships is what makes twitter and facebook the successes they are, for business owners and web entrepreneurs. Of course, it might feel great to have hundreds of thousands of followers, but that\’s a vain, superficial success. The true victory is interacting with your buyers, and future buyers, in a way they can relate to, and in ways that they appreciate.

The harder you work at relationship building, the more followers you will entice in the long-run, and the more people will believe in you and your business enterprise. You could go to a (perhaps disreputable) web site and buy followers, but will those followers ever buy from you? Will they ever then click your links? If they are willing to be paid for, they are either automated (and for this reason no use to your enterprise), or there for self-interest (and therefore no use to your company).

The temptation to find strange and wonderful approaches to get innumerable followers in 7 days can be great, but to genuinely grow your business, organic, authentic human followers are what you require. And 100 of those are worth 100, 000 fakers.

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