Should You Buy Facebook fans?

By Cedric Loiselle

You probably have heard about online vendors that sell Facebook fans. Those who want to buy Facebook fans should understand what is in store before signing up. Sites like Usocial have become popular recently because they promise to fill your fan pages with “likers.” Before you get enticed, learn about what the vendor is promising and check out the fan pages to which they drove more fans.

Usually these vendors would ask payment right away. Some would live up to their promises and make you gain thousands of brand new fans in less than a month. Exciting, isn’t it? Some are fly-by-night vendors that may only take your payment and disappear in nowhere. This is why you have to be careful. However, aside from the risk of finding unreliable vendors, buying Facebook fans carries some risk in itself.

Do you really need thousands of fans?

Many major companies don’t care much about the number of fans they have on Facebook and other social media sites. What’s the point in having thousands of fans when only a few of them are actually active? Social media marketing is not about getting as many Facebook fans or as many
Twitter followers as you can.

Quantity versus quality issues arise in this case. You may come up with ten thousand fans, but not even a hundred of them will interact with you. You need people who are interested in your business. These people are your target market—not anyone on Facebook. If you should buy Facebook fans, make sure they are the right people. Can you make sure they will not blurt on your page that they were just paid?


When you buy Facebook likes, it may seem as though you are desperate to get attention. People may notice something odd too. If you are an unpopular business in town that suddenly has 20,000 likes on your Facebook fan page, you may trigger curiosity and suspicion. This could have both good and negative effects. People may check out your page and learn about you, but some may think you are doing something underhandedly.How long will you retain those fans?

The biggest challenge is retention of fans. Bought fans are not truly your fans. Most of them show no interest to your page or your business. Soon they cease to like your page and go away. Are they worth the money you are paying? No!

Retention of fans is possible through providing good content, photos, and videos. As long as you keep your fans interested, they will stay. You cannot keep paying them forever to stay.
Buying Facebook fans may be ideal for short-term needs, but short-cuts have disadvantages. It is so much better to have natural fans, not paid ones. There are a lot of methods to attract fans without resorting to buying Facebook fans. You can launch contests, give promos to fans, provide regular content, and promote your fan page. Asking your fans to tell their friends is another good idea. If you are doing all these things, there barely is a need to buy Facebook likes.

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