Will your website be as memorable as Guy Fawkes?

Bestival 2009 bonfire and fireworks displayToday millions of children in the UK will be celebrating “Bonfire Night”. The traditional evening of fireworks and bonfires goes back more than 400 years to the “Gunpowder Plot” when Guy Fawkes was amongst a band of 13 reprobates who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London. The festivities have taken place on 5th November since 1605 to celebrate the fact that King James escaped the assassination attempt of the gunpowder plotters.

But even today, four centuries later, children know the story of Guy Fawkes. His impact has been hugely significant for British society – even though he failed in his attempt to blow up the Palace of Westminster and was hung, drawn and quartered for his crime.

Clearly the attempted blowing up of the Houses of Parliament was an audacious act. Obviously a bid to assassinate the King was a substantial crime. These are factors as to why the events have been burned into our consciousness all these years later.

But it does raise a question? What in your life will be remembered by people in 400 years time? After all that bloke Shakespeare wrote a few plays which are remembered these days. And 250 years on, Mozart’s music is still being enjoyed.

All of these individuals share one thing – they did something remarkable. They went beyond average and normal for their times. Whether it was the criminality and audaciousness of Guy Fawkes or the teenage brilliance of Mozart, what they set out to do was beyond what could be described as “normal”.

Which begs the question how “normal” is your website? Does your online activity go beyond “average”? Or are you striving to be just like everyone else?

If you want to have an impact you have to be remarkable, different and do something so extraordinary you will be remembered in 400 years.

To make sure your website has an impact perhaps you need the same thinking style as Guy Fawkes – without the criminal tendency of course…!

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