New Inbound Marketing Tool Reveals the Competition on Google

Cuutio is an easy-to-use inbound marketing (LINK: tool for companies to compare keyword-specific Google positions of their competitors to their own, explore how their important keywords perform, who links to their competitors’ websites and how competitors advertise on Google.

Cuutio helps those who are responsible for online marketing, product sales and brand management. The company’s CEO Sara Henriksson describes the pain of today’s Google-centric customer acquiring: “You need to be found when your potential customers search for your products. If you are not found, you don’t exist. This pain is traditionally dealt with sketchy search engine optimization and advertising projects. And, though they are expensive actions to take, the results are rarely clear to anyone. Cuutio saves companies a lot of money when they can follow up on results and focus on successful actions.”

Cuutio gathers information from several sources and combines it to a concise and understandable form. By connecting their on-site web analytics tool such as Google Analytics to Cuutio, users get a profound understanding of how their important keywords perform both on-site and off-site.

Start with a free plan

The basic service is available for free and it’s easy to start using Cuutio. “By making the entry level available for free, we want to spread the knowledge that Google visibility (LINK: is not rocket science. To understand the basics of visibility, you don’t need expensive consultants. By opening a free account on our website, it’s easy for companies to start gathering knowledge of their online visibility,”Jarno Wuorisalo, CMO of Cuutio says.

Local visibility is important

Cuutio gathers the results individually from each country so companies doing international business are able to monitor their visibility in different market areas. A company whose visibility is spread between several websites can still monitor and compare its results to its competitors both locally and internationally.

New Inbound Marketing Tool Reveals the Competition on Google 1

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