Raven Releases Google Chrome Toolbar for SEO and Social Media

For real estate agents, it’s all about “location, location, location.” For Internet marketers, it’s all about “conversion, conversion, conversion.” That’s conversion from social media fans or search engine surfers to website visitors to customers.

With Internet marketing, businesses can make more money, faster, online. But many tasks specifically related search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing are anything but fast. Plus, communicating across teams can be difficult.

Raven has debuted a Chrome Toolbar that streamlines SEO and social media tasks and helps teams collaborate better. The Chrome Toolbar is tightly integrated with Raven’s online marketing tools, and it allows users to work as they browse.

“A Chrome Toolbar has been among the top requests of our customers,” said Jon Henshaw, chief product officer for Raven. “We put a lot of thought into the most useful features an SEO or social media marketer might need, and how a Chrome Toolbar could work for teams.”

Raven’s Chrome Toolbar features
Directly from the Chrome Toolbar, while a user is visiting any website, they can:

  • Improve SEO insight: Research the domain automatically with Raven’s SEO Research Central tool.
  • Save time: Add links to Raven’s SEO Link Manager, view links they’ve already obtained from that website, and find out which links are nofollow and dofollow on that page.
  • Foster collaboration: Add notes to Raven’s SEO Website Directory or view existing notes for that website.
  • Improve relationship building: Add contacts to Raven’s CRM for SEO and social media, view existing contacts or discover new contacts (including email addresses) for that website.
  • Simplify content marketing: Share the page they’re viewing across an unlimited number of Facebook or Twitter accounts they’ve synced with Raven. Posts can be scheduled, URL can be shortened and campaign variables can be added, all from the Chrome Toolbar.
  • Again, save time: Go to the social media websites they have stored in Raven’s Persona Manager; the toolbar autofills login and password credentials.

“My favorite feature of the Chrome Toolbar is being able to launch straight into Raven’s Research Central no matter where I am on the web,” said Brian Chappell, managing partner at Adapt Partners and longtime Raven customer. “I think there is a lot of potential for new additions with this toolbar, and, as usual, I am sure the Raven team will knock it out of the park.”

How to get the Chrome Toolbar
Anyone can download and install the Chrome Toolbar from the Google Chrome Web Store.

To use it, they will need to log in to an existing Raven Internet Marketing Tools account. If they do not have a Raven Internet Marketing Tools account, they can sign up at raventools.com. There is a free 30-day trial (including use of the Chrome Toolbar); monthly plans start at $99.

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