What are the Most Expensive Google PPC Ad Words?

It was recently revealed that Google makes 97% if its revenue from advertising. The sale of keywords significantly contributes to this, as businesses of all sizes are keen to rank highly in Google’s search results.

But what are the most expensive Google keywords? Well it seems that plenty of them belong to the finance industry.

The most expensive keyword, according to Google, is “insurance”. With plenty of financial service companies, banks, and even supermarkets offering us a variety of insurance options, it is little wonder that this term can fetch up to $54.91 Cost Per Click (CPC) on Google. It is also interesting to note that 24% of the top 10,000 keywords were insurance related.

Three other financial terms make up the top five most expensive Google keywords. These are “loans”, “mortgage”, and “credit”.

Small businesses that require PPC help [http://www.searchcatalyst.co.uk/web-development-packages ] may be unable spend a lot of money on a monthly campaign, but they will still need a professional agency to look after their PPC activity. Don’t worry, as a PPC campaign may be more affordable than you think.

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A PPC campaign can benefit businesses of all sizes, as it can greatly increase the chances of your website being visited. This is because there is an immediate exposure of your business to the great number of people surfing the internet, particularly if your Google ads are placed in the top positions. However, the best positions will certainly cost you more.

Small businesses can also create a PPC campaign to target specific groups or individuals who may already have an interest in your product or service. In addition, Search Catalyst recommends selecting unique keywords related to your product in order to catch the attention of major search engines, as this will help to improve your website’s overall ranking.

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