1&1 adds Web Apps to MyWebsite

1&1 Internet, www.1and1.co.uk, a global leader among Web hosting providers, today launched a free suite of drag-and-drop style web applications available for use within its MyWebsite package.  Up to 100 applications have been included, many offering useful sector-specific functionality across areas including eCommerce, communication, social media, and daily management tasks.  The development means that customers signing up for selected 1&1 MyWebsite packages can enjoy more impact on the web and satisfy the most demanding website visitors.

1&1 now provides new customers with a MyWebsite Plus or Premium package a solution for integrating popular and effective business Web Apps into their online presence seamlessly.  For example, within a few clicks, a restaurant can now integrate a table booking application for its customers to use.  The Web Apps are integrated within a MyWebsite, and remove the need for website visitors to be diverted away to external URLs.  The applications mean that more business processes can be driven by a small business website.

By integrating web application ecommerce functionality from respected brands such as Amazon, PayPal and eBay, a website can offer convenient and credible online retailing.  The Web Apps are deployed effortlessly, by simply dragging and dropping the desired element anywhere on a website.  Customer communication is also a vital process for every small business today.  1&1 MyWebsite now offers a range of applications such as Skype and Calendar Wiz providing new, modern ways to interact with customers.  Furthermore, Web Apps such as Google+1, LinkedIn and Pinterest allow SMBs to make their professional websites more social media friendly.  Online business management can be enhanced with apps including Slideshare, Website Translator and Statistics Summary.

Importantly, 1&1 has worked hard to ensure that the most popular and trusted apps are on offer in each country of operation.  Localised apps are on offer for both vertical business needs as well as general business management.  For example, UK restaurant customers are offered Open Table and Yelp Reviews Web apps, whilst hoteliers can incorporate reviews from Trip Advisor and photo streams from Flickr.  A detailed explanation for every application option provides a helpful guide for users to select the most valuable choices for an individual business.

“Research shows that consumer expectations for the websites they use are continuing to increase”, said Oliver Mauss, CEO of 1&1 Internet.  “It is no longer a case of maintaining an online business card, but rather providing a complete, sector-relevant resource to interact and fulfill many more customer needs as conveniently as possible.  Web Apps are a great means for a business to address more of its processes online”.

Available from only £9.99/month+VAT, 1&1 MyWebsite offers industry-specific templates and content for over 120 business sectors and is ideal for small companies with either an outdated website or no website at all.  With individual text, picture and design modules, any level of computer user can create a professional looking website in only a few minutes – without risk, as 1&1 offers a 30-day risk free trial.  All 1&1 MyWebsite packages include 1 domain, 200 email addresses and unlimited web space and data traffic.

Mauss added, “Every business website must earn its keep.  By learning which web applications resonate with their target audience, a small business can use the Internet as effectively and responsively as much larger corporations”.

For more information visit the website at www.1and1.co.uk

1&1 adds Web Apps to MyWebsite 1

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