Pulsant Pushes Cloud to the Max with Advanced Infrastructure Platform & ‘Triple A’ Service

Cloud, connectivity and hosting experts, Pulsant, are launching a new Enterprise Cloud, which surpasses current cloud performance levels by offering unlimited capacity and unrivalled speed backed by enterprise standard service level agreements (SLAs) and customer-focused ‘Triple A’ support.

The first cloud proposition in the UK to be built around HP’s latest Gen 8 severs, Pulsant’s cloud also harnesses the power of Intel E5 chips and the latest version of VMware’s Hypervisor virtualization software, to deliver an infrastructure that outperforms previous configurations.   Pulsant confirms that its new servers produce a six fold performance increase for the most demanding workloads and applications as well as 70% more compute per watt and 66% faster time to resolution.

Unlike many commodity-style clouds, Pulsant’s Enterprise cloud infrastructure is supported by measurable SLAs.  It is also backed by the company’s ‘Triple A’ service model which ensures customers have the right ‘Access, Ability and Action’ to support them 24/7 – all delivered from multiple operational sites within the UK.

Mark Howling, CEO of Pulsant, states, “We have been delivering cloud solutions for over ten years.  What we are bringing to market now is true next generation cloud – it’s not just an upgrade or enhancement.   The servers, which are a result of a £300 million investment by HP, are faster, leaner and more powerful than anything we have seen before.  With this advanced platform, Pulsant can truly deliver on cloud’s promise of unlimited scalability, total flexibility, quicker access and processing.  Our customer trails have recorded a 40-50% increase in speed.   They have also shown a 20% reduction in power usage which means that our cloud platform is significantly greener too.”

Pulsant’s Enterprise Cloud solution is ideal for those who want to push cloud to the max with ‘big’ data applications or complex analytics also for handling real-time, high volume transactions such as e-commerce and online retailing.  It is also perfect for mid-tier and rapidly growing organisations looking to migrate to a reliable high performance cloud platform that delivers enterprise orientated security, high resilience and elastic capacity within a supportive and competitively priced service framework.

Pulsant actively encourages transparency and believes that cloud providers should be able to supply specify infrastructure details and cloud locations as part of their client contracts.  With its Enterprise Cloud it also champions the practice of ‘build your own cloud’ which allows customers to customize their cloud environment in line with their own operational requirements.

Howling reinforces, “At Pulsant we use world class technology from leading vendors in solutions shaped to fit our client’s businesses. Our investment policy ensures that infrastructure is continually updated and that servers are replaced at least every three years.  For many of our customers where governance and latency are issues, it is also important that they know where their data is.  Our Enterprise Cloud is delivered from the UK, from Pulsant’s wholly owned ISO 27001 compliant, Tier 3 data centres.  We can even

offer multiple-sites for cloud back up to create true remote mirroring from nationally dispersed sites for all critical data applications.”

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