1&1 makes small business websites even more secure with free sitelock promotional offer

1&1 Internet Ltd., www.1and1.co.uk, a global leader amongst Web hosting providers, now offers a solution to enable 1&1 customers to ensure that a scripted Web presence remains as secure as possible.  With this new feature from SiteLock (www.sitelock.com), 1&1 customers can scan their website for design vulnerabilities and stay informed about their online security levels – an important issue for both website owners and visitors.  Until the end of 2012, 1&1 will provide this security service free for one domain, for the life of any new shared hosting or eShop contract.

Online hazards such as viruses and malware can change on an hourly basis.  As the majority of business websites now capture users’ data, every business on the Internet needs protection.  Mistakes as simple as forgetting to close parentheses when entering code can help facilitate malicious activity from hackers.  Such infections can not only affect a website’s function, but could also potentially harm customers visiting the website and damage an online brand.  1&1 SiteLock enables users to swiftly identify any coding vulnerabilities, and apply any necessary steps needed to protect their website.

1&1 SiteLock Basic conducts website application scans, SQL injection scans and cross site scripting (XSS) scans once per month, for up to 25 designated website pages.  1&1 SiteLock Premium allows for daily scans to be conducted for up to 500 pages of a website.  Scans evaluate the need for upgrades to third party applications, identify the potential for data breaches, recognise if a website has been intruded, and can detect if a website is itself being used to distribute malware.  Customers are directed to where any problems lie so that any security issues can be resolved immediately.  Staying fully informed of any potential dangers will help businesses to maintain the best possible online security.

Additionally, a 1&1 user can integrate the SiteLock Trust Seal directly onto their Web presence to illustrate that their website is malware free and fully secure.  Trust seals communicate a company’s commitment to online security.  Thus, displaying the badge will strengthen consumers’ confidence to provide personal data to a business online.

Regularly priced at £0.99/month+VAT, all new shared Web hosting and eShop customers ordering by December 31, 2012 can take advantage of a 1&1 SiteLock Basic, for a domain registered with 1&1, at no additional cost for the life of their contract.  In addition, 1&1 SiteLock Premium, with a value of £18.50/month, can be purchased for only £4.99/month+VAT.

Aligned with 1&1’s industry-leading, data centre security and reliability measures and geo-redundant Dual Hosting technology, the company positions its customers to bring their online security to new heights.

For more information visit the website at www.1and1.co.uk

1&1 makes small business websites even more secure with free sitelock promotional offer 1

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