Fasthosts Launches Review Website for Customers

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading UK web hosting provider, today announced the launch of Fasthosts Review Site,, a resource website dedicated to customer comments on its products and services. Fasthosts’ review site is separate to the Fasthosts homepage and provides a platform for sharing genuine experiences of using Fasthosts services and providing feedback directly to the company. The move is another step in the development of the provider’s customer care programme and reflects a strong pride in it’s products and commitment to honest and transparent communication with its customers.

An increasing number of Britons are participating in online forums and review websites to discuss their experiences of products and services they have purchased. Recent research by Fasthosts found that 1 in 3 British consumers have posted negative material online relating to a company or product, most commonly on social networking sites such as Facebook. The web hosting [ ] sector in particular has many reviews websites. However, few web hosting comparison websites clearly display who is running the website, if they have any involvement with hosting companies, and what their policies are for filtering good or bad reviews of certain providers.

Fasthosts’ review site displays customer experiences and comments unedited and the company will only edit public posts if they are clearly abusive or breaching confidentiality or data laws. Thus, visitors can be assured that the portal will provide a balanced and unfiltered view on what Fasthosts has to offer. The website is intended to be a useful resource for the customer in their researching of web solutions and web hosting vendors.

The Fasthosts review [ ] site uses a dedicated URL – – and offers an efficient way to read absolutely genuine customer feedback, structured by product category and accepting reviews on each product.

Stephen Holford, Marketing Director, Fasthosts Internet, commented: “Fasthosts is one of the first within the technology industry to actively promote the use of such a review site. Whilst many firms shy away from the spotlight, we are proud of our brand and products and confident that they will speak for themselves. The website will provide a balanced, useful resource to the market and be a great way for us to learn about our customer experience.”

By hearing first-hand what the company is doing right and wrong, Fasthosts aims to enhance value and quality for all its users, while listening to them for requests for new features or services.

Holford continued: “Within the highly-fragmented web hosting market, there are few portals where the customer can be assured that content is in no way influenced or shifted by commercial interests. Today, Fasthosts provides this with the launch of our review site and we actively encourage other hosting providers to do the same.”

As a leading web hosting provider and Technology Sponsor of The Great Exhibition 2012, Fasthosts offers a comprehensive range of web services including domain name [ ] registration , VPS [ ], online backup solutions, hosted exchange and feature-rich broadband packages. Full details can be found at

Fasthosts Launches Review Website for Customers 1

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