UK Customers are Fifth Happiest in World; Second Happiest in Europe

Zendesk [ ], the cloud-based help desk support platform, today released an early look at its new Customer Satisfaction Index, showing that UK customers are the fifth happiest globally and second European wide, with the service they receive, with an 83% satisfaction rating. The index measured customer happiness across 65 million consumers in 137 countries.

Zendesk creates the Customer Satisfaction Index by analysing data from 65 million customers via the Zendesk ‘Customer Satisfaction Rating’ feature. After a customer service request is solved, Zendesk enables companies to automatically contact their customers to collect feedback on the service that was provided. Not only is this a quick and easy way to track customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn, it also provides tremendous insight into comprehensive customer satisfaction.

Considering countries with high gross domestic product (GDP), Australians and Canadians share joint first place as the most satisfied customers in the world, coming in at a high 93%. This is followed by Germany at 88%, the United States at 87% and the UK finishing off the top five at 83%. From a European stand-point, the UK is second only to Germany in happy customers; Spain and Italy follow close to the UK at 81% each. France, however, trails behind, coming in bottom of the table at 57%.

2011 was a banner year for Zendesk with the company tripling its year-on-year revenue and opening new offices in London, Copenhagen and Melbourne to help support its customers around the world.

This announcement comes on the heels of Zendesk’s news that it has signed its 15,000th customer.

“The UK is an important vocal market for consumers. The proliferation of smartphone and tablet users has seen an increasing number turn to social media as the main means of customer support. As such, offering good customer service to this very public audience is imperative,” notes Mikkel Svane, Zendesk’s CEO. “Zendesk helps its 15,000 customers to deliver superior customer service to more than 65 million people in 137 countries and so we decided it’s time to use this wealth of data to produce our new Customer Service Index.”

This listing provides an early look at the type of information that readers can expect from Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Index. The full document will be published on a quarterly basis and will report on additional data such as customer service efficiency and quality in various industries, geographies and, company size. Those who wish to subscribe to the upcoming complete Customer Satisfaction Index can register at

Customer Satisfaction by Country

       Country        Satisfaction

      Australia           93%
        Canada            93%
       Germany            88%
    United States         87%
    United Kingdom        83%
        Spain             81%
        Italy             81%
        Russia            80%
        Brazil            79%
        India             70%
        France            57%


Zendesk also produces a real-time map that visualises where customer inquiries are taking place, as they happen. This can be seen at

UK Customers are Fifth Happiest in World; Second Happiest in Europe 1

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