New Form of Online Retail Packaging Launched by 2012 BBC Apprentice Candidate

BoxGarment – a new form of online retail packaging – was today launched by 2012 BBC Apprentice candidate, Stephen Brady. The self-erecting box will provide retailers with a streamlined and efficient fulfilment solution that does not require tape or fixings. It has been designed within the dimensions of all parcel carriers in the UK and internationally, and allows for the despatch of multiple types of item within a single box to reduce costs and consolidate orders.

Repackaging the Online Retail Industry
According to comScore, a total of 35.5 million UK Internet users visited an online retail site in May 2012, 94.2% of the country’s total online audience. Despite growing in popularity, the online retail sector still lags behind the High-Street in terms of customer service, with further comScore research citing ‘improving ease of product returns/exchanges’ as the biggest area of potential improvement for online retailers.

BoxGarment has been constructed to allow for repeat use, so customers can return unwanted orders in the same box, while retailers can rely on receiving them back in saleable condition. Convenient this may be, but BoxGarment founder and 2012 Apprentice candidate, Stephen Brady, highlights how – on the High-Street at least – this level of presentation actually helps to reduce returns, rather than increase them:

“With BoxGarment delicate garments arrive in pristine condition, undamaged or creased, and ready to wear,” said Brady. “Generally speaking, that doesn’t happen online. Items arrive lacking that crucial ‘Wow factor’ that originally made you fall in love with them in the store, or on the website. So in addition to economic and environmental efficiencies, BoxGarment has specifically been designed to inject those levels of High street presentation and customer service back into retail online.”

Availability & Design Benefits
The BoxGarment fulfilment solution is being made available to mainstream online retailers, premium retailers and high end independents, as well bespoke tailors and suit hire companies. Fittingly for London fashion week the box will provide a range of additional design benefits to these retailers including:

• ‘Click and Collect’ Multi-Channel operations: This allows customers to collect and return to retailers own stores, local convenience shops, or intelligent lockers.
• Branding: The box can be printed to any design and will improve retailers’ online packaging presentation, and raise awareness of retailers’ multi-channel offer.
• Environmentally Friendly: BoxGarment is made from recycled materials and is itself 100% recyclable. It has also been constructed for re-use and through its multiple item capability helps to consolidate orders and reduce deliveries.
• Product Marketing: Because of the volume of deliveries being made by mainstream retailers, BoxGarment represents a unique opportunity for branded product marketing to reach a wide pool of targeted consumers.

About BoxGarment
BoxGarment is a complete fulfilment solution for online retail, founded by BBC Apprentice candidate Stephen Brady in 2012. For more information please visit:

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