State of Search Integration Survey Open for Submission

Hydra, a leading provider of software-as-a-service tools for digital marketers, is pleased to announced that its second annual survey [ ] charting the state of search, is underway.

Hydra’s annual “State of Search Integration – 2012”, research aims to gain intelligence and insight on the digital marketing industry, find out how organisations are managing the discipline and to what extent the integration across different channels of search – Natural Search, Paid Search and Social Media, has shifted

Hydra invites digital marketers and practitioners in this field to participate by submitting their responses to the five minute survey [ ], currently open for completion until Friday 11 May 2012.

Together with receiving the full findings, respondents will also be entered into a draw for three months free use of Hydra’s One Platform [ ].

Some key findings to emerge from Hydra’s 2011 survey revealed:

  • 55% of digital marketers did not know which words or expressions being used in the market were worth spending money on when it came to gaining optimum returns campaign-wise
  • One third of digital marketers felt that less than 50% of their needs were being met by their current tool set
  • In firms where multiple digital marketing teams existed, 35% of respondents stated their teams interacted rarely or not at all. In effect, teams on different channels predominantly operated as separate entities
  • Measuring performance for terms at a granular level and discovering new high value keywords proved challenging for most marketers
  • Teams sharing terms between disciplines displayed greater confidence in dealing with them when compared to their peers working in isolation

Martyn Jobber, CEO at Hydra, comments: “Last year’s research revealed the innate need for greater collaboration between digital marketing teams – teams that shared terms and worked collaboratively had greater confidence in their success than those who did not. It will be interesting to see whether Search integration has moved in a year, how essential it is perceived to be by digital marketers in contributing to success across Natural, Paid Search and Social Media and if specialists are scaling their campaigns effectively and increasing their online visibility as a result of a joined-up approach.”

Full findings of Hydra’s “State of Search Integration – 2012” report will be published in June 2012.


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