Time machine for cloud servers launched

1&1 Internet Ltd., www.1and1.co.uk, a global leader amongst Web hosting providers, has developed an additional security solution for its Dynamic Cloud Server products, in the form of Snapshot.  With this solution, 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server virtual machines can be restored without the need of help from customer support teams.  This works by creating an image, or snapshot, of the current server configuration and database at any time, allowing you to return to it later.  For example, if complications arise after installing new software, previously saved snapshots of configurations and database can be restored.

No modern business can afford extended downtimes of their IT-infrastructure.  Manual server set ups amongst others issues, can result in several hours of downtime in which systems could be inaccessible.  Such disturbances can have a lasting effect on a business, with unhappy customers or loss of earnings possible consequences.  1&1 Snapshot offers the necessary security precaution for such situations.  The tool allows a user to create an image of the current configuration and database from the 1&1 Control Panel within a few clicks.  The snapshot of original configuration and database remains available no matter how many changes are made to the server. This is especially useful for customers who need to regularly test new software.  The server snapshot is permanently saved by 1&1, for an unlimited period of time, and only if the operator creates a new image, will the old one will be replaced.

Snapshot is available for all new and existing 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server customers at no additional cost.


For more information visit the website at www.1and1.co.uk