Virtual Internet Launches New Virtual Datacentre

Virtual Internet, a leading managed web host since 1996, has launched a new product to assist with the management and utilisation of cloud computing.

The team at Virtual Internet have announced the new product called Virtual Datacentre, a simple control panel that allows users to launch multiple cloud servers automatically from 15 locations around the world within an instant and without having to deal with other suppliers.

Patrick McCarthy, Managing Director of Virtual Internet, has been very upbeat about launching the new datacentre: “We found that what our customers were really after was a control panel that not only let them manage their current servers, but also enabled them to launch a new VPS simply and quickly, without having to begin a new contract. So that’s what we’ve built!”

The control panel offers a quick, step-by-step process to launching multiple servers. Once a customer has chosen a location and the amount of resources they want for the server, they are then ready to launch and the server is deployed within minutes.

Utilising the latest cloud technology, the servers are able to offer full scalability along with excellent speeds. The VI cloud brain is able to dynamically assign the RAM and CPU as your cloud server needs. Virtual Internet [ ] are confident that this will solve the problem of slow sites and downtime.

As aforementioned, customers are able to launch servers from 15 different locations, including those in the UK, mainland Europe, USA and Asia. Virtual Internet is hopeful that this will enable the product to have a global reach and they look forward to receiving feedback regarding their new product. They will also be monitoring the impact the Virtual Datacentre will have.

Find out more about the Virtual Datacentre and watch the video by visiting their dedicated website:

Virtual Internet Launches New Virtual Datacentre 1

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