One in four Pinterest users buy things online

The rise of Pinterest has brought much attention to the small but growing community of image sharers, folks who collect and share images from around the web through social image sharing sites.  Retailers are now searching for how to leverage the new tool for acquisition and engagement.  But are online consumers actually shopping through this channel?


A new study from Bizrate Insights suggests that yes, a handful of online consumers are in fact making a purchase.  While awareness of image sharing sites is still relatively low among online buyers as compared to other channels, among those aware, the study finds that over 1 in 4 have purchased an item directly from an image sharing site such as Pinterest, by clicking on an image they saw.

“There has been much speculation on whether online shoppers are utilizing Pinterest for pure inspiration or if it is in fact bringing in sales,” remarks Hayley Silver, Vice President, Bizrate Insights.  “Our goal in launching the Bizrate Insights Image Sharing and Shopping Series is to gain an understanding of how online shoppers are using this new channel and how it is changing over time, ultimately providing retailers with key insights to leverage in their approach.”

These findings represent the first in a series of dedicated consumer pulses Bizrate Insights plans to release over the next few months related to Image Sharing Sites and Shopping.  View the first pulse from the Bizrate Insights Image Sharing and Shopping Series.