‘Social Reading’ Raised to a New Level by Interactive e-Book With Integrated Facebook Connection

With their first iPad app, the German start-up company Frankbooks enables users to communicate with other readers, as well as with the author or a particular character from the novel via an integrated Facebook plugin. Users can take part in the story and in return join a global reader’s circle within the app – which allows them direct access to the novel’s author. This new way of social storytelling allows authors to create advanced narrative structures by combining some of their story’s character(s) with interactive Facebook accounts. In addition to this users can benefit from the e-book’s enhanced content (photos, maps, videos).

As well as to readers, the app will also appeal to authors considering similar projects, but who do not want to spend high amounts on programming. Using Frankbooks software, however, they will get the opportunity to participate in the fast-growing market of enhanced e-books at a reasonable price.

“Readers have become used to extra features besides the core text, such as interactivity and social media. Soon they will be a regular part of e-books,” says Frank Habbe, founder of Frankbooks.

The first e-book, Pocket Money, is a novel about a young man who accidentally comes into possession of a bag full of cash. On the run from his pursuers, his journey takes him through Northern Germany. In addition to over 230 photos, maps and links, the app also contains Facebook entries from one of the story’s characters, to which users can post their comments. Pocket Money is available on iTunes – find out more when visiting character Kristina Taschengeld on Facebook.