UNITY Mobile Launches First Mobile Publishing Application in Facebook App Center

UNITY Mobile, a provider of designing and management solutions for mobile publishing, today unveiled its application in Facebooks app center, providing a new social mobile and publishing experience which makes it easy for users to create mobile websites through Facebook.

By allowing users to login onto UNITY Mobile’s platform via Facebook, UNITY builds on the Facebook environment, and will make publishing a mobile website easier to share through the world’s largest social network.

Using UNITY’s application login will also mean that Facebook users will be able to take part in a more “social publishing” experience, and will be able to create, and publish, and moreover easily share their site with friends.

“We know that many UNITY mobile platform users are avid Facebook users, so we wanted to create a publishing experience that was native to the Facebook environment. The application and easy login draws on the social functionality, plus UNITY’s platform creates an easy to publish experience, which is more personalized and relevant.” Said Tomas Petru, CEO of UNITY Mobile.

“There is no doubt that Facebook’s AppCenter will help bring UNITY Mobiles platform solution to consumers. We have been delivering products through social design, and are offering an improved user experience through constant innovation.” Concluded Petru.