TagLikeMe Corp. Aims To Be Frontrunner In The Multi-Billion Dollar Social Media Market With Its New Social Search

TagLikeMe.com is a significant entry into the new social media phenomenon becoming widely known as Common Information Networks. These networks allow individuals to easily search multiple search engines and organize results into a more visual interface that can be shared via social networks.

TagLikeMe.com’s offering is unique among the emerging networks in its use of proprietary technology combined with social interaction to power more relevant and useful results displayed in a simple, drag and drop visual ‘tagboard’ format. Results can include all forms of digital media including photos, video, documents and links etc., which can be shared publicly or privately via the cloud.

The idea behind TagLikeMe is that people will generally go somewhere that has been recommended by someone they know or have interacted with through some form of common interest. By adding this social sharing capability and cross-reference to search results, TagLikeMe.com leverages human interaction to make TagLikeMe.com the most powerful social search and share platform online.

Pinterest is currently the most widely known of the emerging social information networks with over 20 million users and a market value that has rocketed to $1.5 billion, based on its rapidly growing audience that is over 90% female, according to Tech Crunch.

The growth of social network revenue overall is an impressive 43.1 percent year-over-year in 2012 and is predicted to reach $34 billion by 2016 according to Gartner Group[1].

Richard Elliot-Square states, “In order to become a frontrunner, we are offering what the social media market is seeking; better performance, coupled with richer formats and creative elements, like video, all of which we believe will be the principal social ad market growth drivers in the coming cycle. By being the most useful and used social search, save and share network, we believe we can stake a major positioning the social network space, just as the other networks have managed to do in record time.”

The social network Interest managed to gather 20 million subscribers over the last 48 months, outpacing the growth of all other forms of social media and coming third place behind Facebook and Twitter with over 10.8 million visits daily.

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