International guide to social media launched by TranslateMedia

TranslateMedia, the international translation agency, has created an international guide to social media, to help agencies navigate social media use across the world and create effective cross-border social media strategies.

The interactive guide gives information on social media use by country or by region, including:

• An overview of social media in each area
• The main social networks by user numbers in each country, and the differences between them
• Who the biggest influencers are on social media in each country (which brands or celebrities, for example), and examples of interesting social media campaigns that have worked in each region
• An overview of language and cultural influences, important in the planning of any social media campaign
• A list of resources and perspectives that agencies and brands might find useful for further reading.

The idea behind the guide is to help agencies and brands create effective international campaigns that have relevance to local markets, using channels, cultural references, and language that resonates with target audiences, and therefore makes each campaign more effective.

Patrick Eve, MD of TranslateMedia, says: “Creating campaigns across the world can be difficult for a global brand. You want to keep your brand’s identity and message the same across the world, but it has to be relevant in each local market. {{Really, there’s no such thing as a ‘global’ campaign without local adaptation.}}”

TranslateMedia’s International Guide to Social Media is free to access from

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