5 Reasons to Promote Your Business through Personal Posts

By Diana Smith

With the rise of the importance of the social media today, the professional and personal lives of everyone are merging into one. Your profile doesn’t only represent your personal profile but also a profile of a person employed in that-and-that company. That brings some sort of responsibility nowadays as your profile is 24/7 advertisement of yourself, and consequently, your company. Therefore, employees need to make sure that their posts and profiles are in accordance with the media image that a company wants to create. It’s quite an effort, so here are five good reasons to even bother with such things:

People Believe Their Peers
When a company is creating a marketing campaign and when they are making an ad, the public knows that the purpose of that ad is to lure them in and promote their company. Therefore, they are keener on believing the word of an ordinary person who works for that company. They can relate to them and they will value their opinion and their personal posts more than any ad.

Nothing is Better than a Genuine Message
When you post your opinion about your company, you will not be able to lie. It will be see-through. It is more likely that a person will keep silent about their company before than they will tell that it is great while they hate it. With just a little bit of education about how to promote company, the genuine message of the personal posts will reach everyone.

Social Media is All about Interaction
Ordinary ads and commercial don’t require activity from your customer. They only deliver the message and don’t wait for the feedback. The social media is all about interaction, fast replies and content sharing. Therefore, personal post that relate to the company can be commented on, replied to and therefore, the public opinion about company can be closely observed and influenced on.

Used Language is much more Acceptable for Wide Public
In the past, the spokesmen for the companies have used quite formal language when talking about the company. Using such language automatically sets surroundings for a one way communication. People would more gladly interact than sit and listen. Therefore, when a personal post is written in common language, people recognize the message more easily and they are more prone to relate to it and accept it.

Personal Posts Build Trust
When company’s employees write personal posts that include their experience within the company, the whole image of the company seizes to be the one of the cruel money making machine. It begins to look more like a group of people with different traits, age, relationship status, levels of education, interests and other things. In other words, it begins to look far more familiar and therefore, far more trustworthy.

Each one of these reasons is enough for you to start thinking about a strategy that includes personal posts. This is a very powerful approach and it involves many techniques. The first social network that you and your employees should work on is LinkedIn. However, there are down sides of this and one of the most challenging task is to make the lowest level employees care about the company image like the business owners. But, overcoming it means building the much needed trust.

About the Author
Diana Smith is a passionate blogger and a regular contributor to several business blogs. She is interested in marketing, advertising and new promotional merchandise related topics. In her free time Diana enjoys jogging and healthy life.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Promote Your Business through Personal Posts”

  1. Great article! A few key points ring true

    Yes, whether you like it or not, your personal profile represents your company during business hours or after business hours. 24/7 like Diana pointed out.

    Social networking is a blessing because it allows companies to have a lot more personality and your customers can definitely relate to people and personalities more easily than companies

  2. I am glad I read this article. I find it interesting that colloquial language is better to use when trying to reach the public. It is so true about representing your company in everything you do nowadays. What happened to privacy?

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