How to use Quora as an internet marketing tool


Quora is a website that connects you to what you want to know about, which in short are the trending topics. Finding content has never been easier but Quora’s impressive organizational scheme makes using it as an internet marketing tool even easier. Online marketing professionals have found a new way of using Quora as a potent tool for their online marketing activities. If you use it right, you can generate a lot of revenue using Quora alone. Here are a few tips that will come in handy while you are using Quora as an internet marketing tool.

Establish Yourself as a Quora Expert
If you are familiar with LinkedIn questions or Facebook questions, then being a Quora expert is similar to answering these types of questions. What you are doing is establishing yourself as an expert in a particular niche. You can set different bios for different topics that you choose. You have to sign up and ensure that you choose only the topics that you are fairly knowledgeable about. Otherwise the subsequent steps will be difficult.

Once you choose the topics and establish your bios, you can start choosing the questions in your topics of expertise. Make sure that you choose the ones that you are comfortable with and answer them as effectively as possible. After answering the question, make sure you share the answers on social networking sites. Remember, you will rise only if people vote that your answer is good. So, sharing is everything here.

Generating Leads Using Quora
There is an option in Quora that allows you to look at the people who have viewed your question. You can also see the people who follow the question. These are the people who are genuinely interested in the question and quite possible, the topic that it is related to. These are potential leads and you should make sure that you use them. Contact those people and ask if they need any specific help.

Researching About the Market and Your Competition
Quora is a great tool to judge the position of the market and your competitors. Look at the content that is related to your competitors and you get a general idea of how things are going for them. This process involves a fair bit of guesswork too. Also, ask anonymous questions to know how people feel about your brand or your services. You will be surprised about the impact criticism has on quality of your offerings.

Content Solution
Quora is the ultimate solution for content. You can find information on a wide range of topics and you can pick some ideas or approach vectors using those ideas. Take care to ensure that you avoid plagiarism.

SEO Link Building
If you are involved in SEO, you will realize the importance of having back links in a site like Quora, which is supremely well connected. However, it is advised that you keep link building activity to its minimum level so as to ensure that the emphasis is on content and not back links.

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