Tracking online marketing now cheaper with Virally’s new pricing plan

“More and more businesses are using white-papers, blogs, guides and reports to market themselves. Producing this content is expensive. But where does that money go? How do you prove that this money wasn’t gobbled up by a swamp monster?” asks Liam Gooding, CEO of Virally.

“Virally helps marketers track who is viewing which pieces of content, how they shared it with their social network, and how their social network responded. Its about tracking engagement and justifying content marketing budgets.”

Virally had previously focussed on high end corporates, such as GfK NoP, Regus and Unicef who are using the plaform. However, the company recently pivoted, to open up to small and medium sized businesses.

“I wanted to make the platform accessible to as many people as possible. Small firms need to justify their online marketing spend just as much as huge companies.”

Virally uses social logins to help track visitors as they interact with a company’s content. Virally can integrate the collected data into email marketing and CRM software, such as Mailchimp and Salesforce.

Business accounts range from $49/mo to $299/mo, depending on the amount of profiles, users and intergrations required by a business.

The lite, free forever, account allows marketers to gather up to 200 profiles and use Virally’s hosted landing pages for up to 3 campaigns.

Virally continues to offer entreprise solutions for larger clients who need account management, tailored features and bespoke support.


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