5 Smart Ways to Improve your Mobile Conversion Rate

By Roni Levy

Your conversion rate, as I’m sure you’re aware, is integral to your business especially when or if you are solely an online venture. The measure of the number of potential customers versus your actual sales tells us a lot, not only about the products you sell but also how your website functions. A common misconception with a new website is that gaining more traffic is more important than anything, but in reality it really doesn’t rely on having a huge amount of traffic but having a website that runs efficiently. Mobile conversion rates are fast becoming more and more important to many businesses especially when you consider that 59% of people now access the internet through their smart phones on a daily basis.

If you are looking to increase your mobile conversion rate then here are some smart ways to do so without losing your branding or the focus of the site.

It’s all about Usability
When accessing your website through a mobile device we have to remember that people want quick results with easy to see buttons, images and products. We have all shopped on our mobile phones and been interrupted by a phone call or text message that we have to answer. Well, this is exactly what your customers will experience and thus your site needs to reflect ease of use and speed. Use small tricks like putting your primary or most important text at the top of the page. This way, you ensure that your message is seen straight away and that it will help grab consumers’ attention. Virgin mobiles phones does this very effectively by placing an attractive rotating banner with deals top and centre – a tested strategy that has increased their conversion rates.

Once you have the attention, you need to keep the site as simple as possible. Mobile users don’t want to spend a long time filling out forms and adding in details that are far too complicated to do on a small screen. Combat this by asking your users for the minimum amount of information necessary for them to complete their journey. Also look at the size of the buttons, wording and info graphics: if these are too large the site will slow down but if they are too small it could be quite annoying. Keep all graphics simple and make sure they all have a purpose. Keep in mind that mobile users have to consider their data allowance, and they don’t want to spend all their allowance downloading your images!

Make Sure You have the Trust
Making sure your customers trust your site has been proven to increase conversion rates and there are many people who are still cautious when shopping online. Being aware of this will help you understand your customers’ needs in a clearer way. If you are offering a service that requires data such as card details, make sure you are displaying signs of safety and security on the home page; this way all through the customers’ journey, they will retain this knowledge.

Another way to build trust is to have a precise and clear contact page that include a bricks and mortar address and contact number. This lets people know that you are human and if they have any problems there is a number they can use to contact someone.

Trust can also be tricky to gage when you have site content that doesn’t truly represent your brand. Think carefully about the design and accuracy of your content.

Incorporate HTML 5
Smart forms are a must for a mobile site. You wouldn’t want to listen to repetitious information over and over again just to order from a retailer, so why should your site be any different? By using HTML 5 you can ensure that when a person is typing in their name, the qwerty keyboard will appear, or numeric options for phone numbers, etc. It will also remember frequently used emails addresses and other important data.

A Singular Experience
Offering your consumers the chance to start an order on their mobile device and save it to be continued on a computer makes your service seamless, even though it is used on different devices and time has passed. This is perfect if your site uses a shopping basket or a favourites system and offers your customers both trust in you are your brand.

Have Clear Policies
We have all had to return items from time to time and if a customer cannot find the details of such policies it can be extremely frustrating. If you offer this service or a similar functionality, then making sure that you have clear and concise terms, laid out in a simple manner will help bring the customer back to your site at a later date. This is also true of any data information you store and the terms and conditions of your service. Having all this information clearly defined and easy to access only helps promote your site.

About the Author
Roni Levy is a technology writer with over 5 years experience within the sector. When not writing she enjoys learning about the latest tech and keeping fit.

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