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Mobile marketing is essential
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How to Get the Most out of Mobile Marketing

New campaigns need to be designed around the smartphone and other high-end mobile devices if they are going to have the greatest market penetration.

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What Google AMP Means For Your Online Business

A new program by Google, called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) aims to dramatically reduce loading times for mobile users who click on article links on Google’s search engine.

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Point of Sale for the App Generation

There are apps that can transform the way a business is run, how staff and customers interact, and ultimately how profitable the business is.

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5 Smart Ways to Improve your Mobile Conversion Rate

Your mobile conversion rate is integral to your business, especially when or if you are solely an online venture. The measure of the number of potential customers versus your actual sales tells us a lot – not only about your products, but also how your mobile website functions.

How To Track QR Codes

A Quick Response code (QR code or QRC) is a type of barcode, but it is also used as a marketing tool to increase traffic to your web site, boost sales, and help market your business. They may seem a novelty at this point, but they’ve been used in Japan

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Make the most of QR Codes

QR codes provide a massive opportunity for businesses – assuming they are used effectively, tested and actually do something.