Social Networks for Women Small Business Owners

By Alyssa Clarke

There is no doubt that women have had their hardship from social and cultural biases in the society where they have lived. These biases have kept them away from business world for a long duration. But in the past two decades, the number of women entering into different businesses is growing. Hence, women-owned business now have drastically increased. Thanks to the web and particularly the social networking world that seems to have become the playground of women. The social networks are not just confined with popular sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. However, today, you can see more specialized social networking sites for women entrepreneurs for both small and big size businesses.

The business world and women
The presence of woman entrepreneurs have significantly increased since past few years. As per the study conducted by a research group called Center for Women’s Business Research, more than 40% of private businesses are being owned by women traders. All these women owned businesses (mostly the small and medium size businesses) are able to reap around 3 trillion dollars of business revenue. These businesses employ more than 16% of workforce. In this way, women owned businesses (both small and big) have been contributing a significant amount to their country’s economy. Furthermore, the study also revealed that more than 85 % of women do not feel disadvantageous of being a woman in the business world, which is seemingly dominated by the male business owners, while 32% of women entrepreneurs feel that being a woman is a beneficial thing.

The women entrepreneurs and social networks
You can find a power of being a woman entrepreneur for both the small and big businesses. This power simply doubles up with things like collaborations, which are built among a number of women small business owners. Regardless of the fact that your products or services are meant particularly for woman consumers or not, you will not deny their (women) inherent inclination to support and help each other and even make each other’s cause a big success. So, if you have this inherent quality in yourself, it’s time to take benefit out from this attribute.

The real power of woman small business owners simply lies at the skills to support, connect and motivate each other to the peak. Hence at such junctures, the social networking sites play a pivotal role in connecting women entrepreneurs to each other. In this way, it helps you in expanding your business apart from getting your own personal and social evolution. Luckily, there are number of social networking sites, which are meant exclusively for women small business owners. These help you in connecting and prospering you in your businesses.

Popular social networking sites for women small business owners
Businesses has been leveraging the common popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, however, these have become a playground for everyone seen in the business landscape. So, apart from trying your luck over these places, women entrepreneurs could find several social networks, which are exclusively meant for women business owners. Let’s check some of these. First is the site – Empower Me. A woman entrepreneur could find everything from social networks to blogs exclusively made in perspective of women business owners. The second one is Diversity Woman, which is a good platform for executive class network for women of diverse business backgrounds and cultures.

Another tangible social networking site for business woman is Project Eve, which was launched a year before by two investment bankers. It helps woman startup business owners to understand the business properly along with giving details about the threats and opportunities in their chosen business. Apart from the support, you get the access to several business resources and find opportunity to build up your relationship with successful women entrepreneurs. Hence the women small business owners have much to learn from their expertise, business success stories and market.

Then you have another site called Savor the Success, which helps in connecting professionals, entrepreneurial and creative women along with guiding them to fulfill their dreams in the most practical way. The next popular site is Women Owned, wherein you could access loads of tools, information, and opportunity for social networking along with the guidance, which could help you a lot in your business. This is the best place for woman startups. The last social networking sites worthy for woman startup business owners is Women’s Peer Network, which is a perfect place to help you in improving your business contacts.

Final word
The social networking sites could help the women small business owners get strong collaborations, apart from finding good support team and collective influence. Hence you have better opportunities to connect with your potential clients, relevant people, decision makers and experts in your niche area, which help you in expanding your business. That’s the power of social networks.

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