How to market your business online using social media and your company blog

When it comes to setting up your own business, most people are stunned with how easily they can actually make money by using the internet. This easily divides opinion on whether it is the right way to market your business. The internet is a great platform for your audience as most niches use it every day.

Entrepreneurs start a business because there is a gap in the market and a need for what they are selling.  Whether it is a product or a service, the opportunity could be staring you in the face.  Take Steve Barnes, his issue was ordering take-away for a group of 10-20 people over the phone. So he decided to set-up an online service called Appetise which makes it easier to place an order online. It also lets you know who ordered what, which eliminates the awkward individual payment method in a group. It’s simple, solved a minor problem and can easily be maintained because it has become a service.

Yet if you already have a business but are unsure how to market it, then write down a digital business plan. The companies which fail with their online marketing often don’t use the correct methods and a simple strategy can benefit long-term. So here are a few things you should consider in your plan:

Maintain a company blog
Blogging is a popular way for companies to add valuable information to their company website and their niche, and generate a lot of traffic in the meantime.  Focus on what is worth telling your readers about industry news. This is also a friendly way of keeping your clients and readers engaged with your company. Having a blog not only influences how you are represented but also adds personality to your online presence; something which can easily be missed when sat behind a screen all day.  It also gives readers the opportunity to discuss and comment on interesting topics which may be developing in your company. Have you got experts in your business who can educate people on using a tool without giving too much away? Your blog can become a resource for many, which gives it more authority.

Social media
It is something which has been spoken about for years, yet the explosion in social media can also be incorporated into a brand’s strategy. It’s fast, instant and easy to use once you get the hang of it. However, consumers and companies can easily misuse it if they are not careful with reputational damage. So don’t just give your opinions on irrelevant trending topics just because you assume millions of users will see it. In fact you will just end up reported for spam and probably blocked from the social sharing site.

Many believe that the more followers you have on Twitter the better impact it will have on your business. This is a myth, because it is more important to see who is following you as opposed to how many. So how do you work it out? Followerwonk allows you to see who the biggest influences are in your industry. You can type in a niche specific topic and narrow your search results by location too. Be more strategic with not only what you say but when. An online tool called Tweriod analyses your account by who is following you, and sends you data for the most effective time to tweet.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, Google Analytics will be able to show you where traffic is generating from. Use this as a resource you regularly check, because there is nothing worse than abandoned accounts. Also invest your company with a quality broadband provider so you don’t miss anything on social media. Research your market and then put effort into building relationships, engage with users rather than just a simple follow me and I’ll follow you attitude. In the end it all comes down to research and being able to adapt to new industry changes. The internet is always evolving so be attentive and marketing your business online will pay off.

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