Life after Bitcoin: WOCU® – A REAL Solution to the Problems of Virtual Currencies

WOCU Limited, a private company based in London, sees the WOCU®, a universal and relatively stable composite World currency unit, as the ideal global monetary bridge between the real and virtual worlds.

Online virtual currencies are proprietary, near-impossible to convert into real currencies and can be both impenetrable and highly volatile.  The WOCU provides a solution to these issues.

The WOCU is an independent, apolitical, elegantly constructed composite currency unit that naturally adjusts to the rise and fall in the prominence of its constituents; the currencies of the World’s Top Twenty economies measured by their GDP.  The WOCU embraces the success of booming economies such as the BRICs and reduces exposure to those that are struggling. It is entirely transparent, trustworthy and is based on real currency values.

By using the WOCU composite currency as an anchor for virtual currencies, trust, faith and real liquidity can be embodied into an online currency, insulating its users from excessive volatility of a single currency, be it virtual or real.

WOCU Limited is taking enquiries from online currency providers interested in utilising the WOCU. The WOCU API, utilising asynchronous CMS protocol, is available now for .NET or JAVA. The API provides a simple, lightweight method of integrating live WOCU price data into client websites, portals and virtual worlds.

Mike Blakey, MD of WOCU Limited said; “The WOCU serves as a reliable and stable global unit of account and store of value. The WOCU is designed for trade, not speculation: WOCU linked online currencies will have a measurable worth, bringing reality into the virtual online currency world.”