Top 10 mistakes that ruin your social media image

By Jennifer Hughes

Social media is the platform through which you can interact with different people. Besides interactions, you can also share, create and exchange ideas and information through the virtual networks and communities. No matter how reputed your business, service or product is, if you don’t have a strong presence on the social platform, you won’t be recognized by many customers. Hence, you get hold of more opportunities for your business, creating a visibility on the social media platform is utmost importance.

Impact of social media on our personal and professional lives

Today, every single person is largely dependant on social media. It’s quite obvious for individuals participating in social media discussions online. Besides, many of them also interact with new people through social media blog or forum discussions. Even businesses too have their own share of privileges from social media interactions. Social media has made it simpler for both small and big scale business to make the most of the networking websites.

We are now an important part of the joint work environment and global network. With the advent of online businesses and communities, the way in which businesses respond have undergone a huge change. Social media platforms allow you to communicate easily with people across the globe. It is an ideal way through which business can create their customer and client base and keep them updated about the recent business happenings.

Mistakes that can ruin your business

You must be well aware of the fact that social media websites offer a remarkable way through which you can create the brand image of your business. Today, you’ll find people resorting to Twitter, or Facebook to get the best output through online marketing so as to promote their business. But then, if you are not careful with your social media campaign, then it can do more harm than good. Let us now take a look at the top mistakes that can ruin your business:

  1. Partial Profiles: Partially filled out profiles can hamper your social media image. It indicates that your background is too empty, hence you are not able to complete all the details needed in a profile. Besides, people may also think that you are too lazy to create a complete profile.
  2. Be consistent: Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook are the best social media platform that helps you create an overall network. But then, often you may get confused with various connections. What is intended out here is that if you have different names or images for all profiles, then managing everything becomes a difficult task. Hence, the corporate brands usually prefer maintaining consistency and create identifiable profiles. You too need to adhere to this guideline so as to keep off from negative social media image.
  3. Be Social: Social media has nothing to do with advertising. Instead, it’s a platform where communication takes place. Hence, if you are not interacting with people here, then this can ruin your image as well.
  4. Link your profiles: Take out a couple of minutes from your hectic work schedule and link all your profiles to one another. The more your profiles are interlinked, the better it is for your social media image.
  5. Come out of the robotic concept: Let us consider an example here. Suppose you want to send a request through your Linkedin profile. Here, when you send the stock message “I’d like to add you to my professional network on Linkedin.”  Make sure to add a personal message and your name as well.
  6. Unfocused Messaging is not acceptable: When you are posting a message or replying to a post, make sure that the message is relevant enough and goes with the topic of discussion. There’s no point in posting anything under the sun, just for the sake of staying active on the platform.
  7. Automated Direct Message: The DM or direct message on Twitter is the greatest branding disaster. Think for your own self, how can you think of spamming somebody with your product or blog just after a couple of interactions online? This will do more harm than good and you’ll lose your followers at a speeding rate.
  8. Self promotion is a strict no: The worst thing that you can do is consider your social media website as a sales page. After all, the building block of a business is to convince the customers by winning their trust and confidence. Today most of us want to socialize, get connected, and share common interest and nothing works better in this case other than the social networking sites. 
  9. Social Media Neglect: You need to put in great efforts so as to maintain a social media website. Keep in mind that social media is all about establishing relationships. The brands which are active here are highly acknowledged; hence make sure that you too are one of them.
  10. Keep the interest of your audience in mind: People have come to your social media platform for a good reason. They found your profile to be interesting and perhaps share common interest with you. Hence, try to retain their interest by discussing topics that they find interest in, and they feel passionate about. If you fail to retain the interest of your viewers, then you will ruin your social media image.

About the Author
Jennifer Hughes has a graduate degree in Management & Technology. She started her career with Monitor Scout as a technical writer. She has expertise in website and server monitor technology with keen interest in social media and journalism. You can follow her at twitter@MonitorScout & also like her page at facebook@servermonitor.

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