Content marketers miss the point

Content marketing is the current buzz online. Indeed, it appears that over 90% of active online businesses use content marketing. However, it seems that most of these businesses appear to think the word “content” is equivalent to the word “article” or “blog post”. They seem to think that all they need to do is to produce blog posts and then Tweet about them.

Recent research by the Content Marketing Institute shows that almost two thirds of businesses plan to do more content marketing in 2014 than they will have done this year. But if all they do is write more blog posts, it is unlikely to get them as far as they might hope.

What these businesses appear to be missing is the wide variation in the way people consume content. They want content in a myriad of forms – articles, yes, but also they want items in print, they want online lectures, they want ebooks, podcasts and more. Yet, the bulk of what website owners provide is merely articles – and often only short articles at that.

So the question is, what are you doing to satisfy the hunger for content in a variety of different forms? Are your plans for the coming year focused on traditional blogging or articles? Or have you got podcasts, video lectures, webinars, ebooks, printed documents and so on all in the pipeline?

If you haven’t it looks like you are going to miss out because people are consuming increasing amounts of content that is not article-based.

Essentially, most of us online need to “up our game” in the content production arena. Not only do we need to do more, but we need to do different.

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