There is no point in Google +1 – or is there?

Google +1 iconGoogle’s +1 system is the little method of recommending content to people, rather the same as a Facebook “Like” or Tweeting about something. The theory from many commentators is that it “must” be brilliant as Google are “bound to” take it into account when they determine the ranking position of a web page in search results. These commentators argue that Google would not have introduced a sharing system unless they were going to use it in their famous algorithm.

This is, of course, pure assumption and speculation by those bloggers and apparent search marketing experts. Assumption that has now been “pooh-poohed” by Matt Cutts, no less, one of the most senior engineers within Google. Not only that, an independent study has found that just as Matt Cutts said, Google+1 has no impact on search engine ranking. If you are using Google+1s in an attempt to improve your search engine ranking, stop; it doesn’t work. What’s more, check your SEO company; if they tell you that using Google+1 is a great idea to improve your ranking, they are not a very good SEO company because they have fallen victim to the assumption and tittle-tattle that we so often see about Google.

So why are Google using their +1 system? And why is it valuable even if it has no impact on your search engine ranking?

The answer to both these questions is the same: because it is what people want. It is human-focused.

But why is Google focusing on the human side of the web and not its traditional, engineering, mathematical, algorithmic method? Simple. The Internet is used by people and Google clearly realises that in order to get people using its Google+ system it simply needs to do human stuff. Sharing without some kind of ultimate benefit in return is very human.

And why do you want the same as Google? Well you want people to share your content for the sake of sharing it, so that people can enjoy what you offer, rather than do it simply to help you get a leg-up the rankings.

Google+1s may not get you search engine ranking benefit, but they will give you human benefit as people realise what good content you have on offer.

So come on – try it out now…!

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