Check Your Internet Search Privacy quickly scans the visitor’s Internet access portal and locates security gaps. Also available via the website are powerful privacy solutions that allow Internet users to browse the Internet in complete anonymity and safety.

“There are millions of people that surf the Internet every day vulnerable to attack by malicious software and unscrupulous programmers that will use a person’s Internet access to send out illegal and harmful software. At our website, we are able to provide resources to protect people from malware and computer abuse.” – Ryan Howard, Founder,

Check My Privacy provides everything from an encrypted Secure Tunnel that guards everything that a person does to CyberScrub, a military grade information protection program, to the SpyHunter malware security suite.

“Every year, millions of people lose billions of dollars in cash and computer equipment to malicious and devastating software infections. Check My Privacy can provide you with everything you need to never be a victim.” – Ryan Howard, Founder,

CheckMyPrivacys services have been designed from the ground up to be able to operate using built-in technology pre-existing in computers or smartphone devices. The services operate at the TCP/IP level, which means all of the applications will be secured, not just the user’s web browser.