Facial profiling for hard-pressed retailers

A new breakthrough facial profiling technology that enables retailers to understand in greater detail the make-up and behaviour of their customers has been launched by retail tracking and analysis specialists, Ipsos Retail Performance. Powered by Intel’s AIM Suite software, Shopper Profile is an intelligent solution, combining simple sensors and clever software, that analyses shoppers’ faces in-store and then enables Ipsos Retail Performance to provide valuable data to retailers.

With the technology, detailed non-personal information is collected on how consumers respond to visual messaging and how they move through stores; from the moment they enter until they exit, and how they engage with messages throughout their in-store experience. The technology highlights several different facts about individual consumers, including gender and age range, as well as providing information on what content was viewed and for how long.

Shopper Profile provides data that is immediately actionable so that changes can be made to signage or merchandising that is aligned with shopper behaviour. It can also be used for immediate staff call to action to help customers shop.

There are two main aspects of Shopper Profile: Audience Counter and Opportunities to See (OTS) Counter.

The Audience Counter automatically identifies the profile of a person from a digital image or a video frame and converts it into anonymous analytical data. Video sensors categorise and log facial patterns of shoppers who are looking at any specified item, for example, visual messaging, a window, in-store display or digital screen. Data is then captured and logged, including demographic details (age and gender), viewing time duration, face position and distance.

The OTS Counter uses sensors to log shoppers as they move through specific areas of a retail environment, such as the main entrance point, or a particular department. {{By analysing this data, retailers can learn more about shopper demographics, footfall and time patterns}}, as well as the consumers’ overall opportunity to see messaging.

No personal image or data is stored in systems and therefore the anonymity of shoppers is assured.

“Shopper Profile has been designed for marketers, retailers and real-time brands, providing detailed and insightful analytics to help retailers measure shopper numbers and behaviours,” says Peter Luff, President of Ipsos Retail Performance. “With access to this information, retailers have a better understanding of their customer base and this can assist with more strategic management of what product lines they should stock and where they should house them in store.”

For a free demo, email: or call +44 1908 682700 (ext 101).

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