Fasthosts enhances Virtual Private Servers with Snapshot Backup

Fasthosts Internet Ltd,, a leading UK web host and Cloud computing specialist, today announced a number of additional enhancements to its popular Virtual Private Server range. Snapshot Backup now provides a greater degree of data security in being able to more precisely restore to the most recent copy of data. Furthermore, users can now select dynamically up to 5 high capacity storage drives, enabling companies to remain better aligned to their business needs and ever changing technical and online requirements.

Fasthosts’ new Snapshot Backup is effectively a ‘server camera’, which automatically takes 24 data copies over a scheduled 48 hour time period, allowing the user to return to a specific restore point, several times a day. In the event of there ever being any software or data malfunction, customers can rest assured that they can recover their data using the precisely timed snapshots. This new functionality greatly improves upon the basic principle of daily-backups which many UK SMBs (small to medium businesses) rely upon.

Fasthosts VPS customers have the ability to customise pre-configured packages during the order process, meaning a more instant fit to their own technical needs and requirements. Furthermore, Fasthosts’ self-service facility enables server users to increase their amount of drive space at any time and so run up to 5 high capacity storage drives. Fasthosts Virtual Private Servers will also provide a short-term boost to memory or processing power to automatically adapt to spikes in server demand.

Fasthosts Virtual Private Servers offer dedicated resource that flex to your business requirements. Resource can be reconfigured easily without losing data or functionality. Fasthosts customers are free to modify their capacity, processor power and control settings at any point in time. By re-adjusting their server, the user only pays for the resources they need and so saves money and helps the environment. The servers have been designed to deliver optimal flexibility, agility, resilience and efficiency for any business, and are designed to scale with the changing needs of companies and their customers.

Claire Lewis, Marketing Director, Fasthosts Internet Ltd., comments, “Our latest Virtual Private Server enhancements show how ‘cloud-based’ solutions are effectively addressing critical business computing needs. Such packages are an accessible way for a company to explore more responsive, scalable services without compromising on performance or security. The economies delivered by virtualisation are ideal for a rapidly growing business, and frankly take many technical stresses away from the owner or IT manager, allowing them to focus on imperative tasks and day-to-day running of their business”.

Fasthosts Virtual Private Servers with Snapshot Backup start from £32.39pm ex VAT and for a limited period are half price for 3 months. Additional benefits include free instant setup, 99.99% uptime guarantee, dynamic server load balancing, powerful management tools and an easy to use interface.

The full range of Fasthosts Virtual Private Servers can be viewed here: Further details of flexible VPS based storage can be viewed here:

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