Zapper’s Scan-to-Login Makes e-Commerce More Convenient

Zapper™ announces a new web service to make e-Commerce more user-friendly: Scan-to-Login™. Easy to implement and compatible with major site builders, a quick scan creates an authenticated “handshake” to quickly, accurately and securely pass user details to the website backend. Scan-to-Login makes registration, login and checkout pages as simple as scanning a code with your phone.

“Website owners understand that anything that helps their customers make a purchase is a tremendous advantage,” said Maurice Karpes, Product Manager at Zapper. “Scan-to-Login was designed to enhance e-Commerce, helping customers move quickly once they’ve made the purchase decision. We’ve been getting great feedback on it,” he added.

Secure with a strong combination of two-factor authentication, integrated 128-bit encryption, optional password protection, e-Vendors can offer customers an impeccable purchase experience with Scan-to-Login.

Once integrated into a website, Scan-to-Login places an encrypted QR Code alongside the registration, login and payment fields. When scanned with the associated Zapper app on the user’s mobile phone, the required details are instantly and securely passed to the website, without a keystroke being made.

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