Crimson Hexagon Announces Instant Trend Detection Feature: Topic Waves

Crimson Hexagon, a leading provider of social media analytics software, has launched Topic Waves, a powerful new feature in its ForSight platform. {{Topic Waves instantly discovers emerging topics and trends in social media conversations.}}

Available immediately, Topic Waves reveals the evolving stories in social media conversations and visualises the volume of conversation associated with topics over time. Using Topic Waves and Crimson Hexagon’s 365-billion-post social media analysis library, customers can instantly access present and historical trend data with social media topic modelling capabilities that go back to 2008.

“We’ve been a Crimson Hexagon customer for a year now and use the ForSight platform in many ways that have become vital to our business,” said Rick Joyce, CMO, Perseus Books Group. “Social media research helps us analyse topic trends, assess the size and nature of consumer interest in a topic, and effectively target our marketing efforts. Crimson Hexagon’s new Topic Waves feature is a powerful addition to the platform, and we’re excited about its instant trend detection capabilities. We look forward to putting it to good use at Perseus.”

In addition to Topic Waves, Crimson Hexagon recently added the following new features to its ForSight platform:

• Twitter Metrics: provides high-level metrics on Twitter activity including top hashtags, retweets, and handle mentions surrounding a brand, product or event.
• Improved Automated Sentiment: using a dataset of half a million human-coded social media documents, Automated Sentiment categorises posts using human-derived perceptions of positive or negative sentiment, allowing users to quickly and accurately measure the volume of positive, negative and neutral posts related to specific key words.
• Crimson Community: a user forum connecting customers with Crimson Hexagon employees and partners to share ideas and best practices, troubleshoot issues and serve as a resource to help amplify the role social media analytics play in driving business decisions.
• Workspaces: allows users to curate results from multiple ForSight analyses and queries, creating dynamic, easily exportable reports with visualisations that provide quick and convenient access to insights across topics and campaigns.

“The new Topics Waves feature joins a broad set of unique capabilities in our ForSight platform that enable Crimson Hexagon users to discover unexpected ways consumers are talking about brands, products and topics relevant to their business,” said Curt Bloom, president of Crimson Hexagon. “The ability to explore social conversations and identify trends quickly arms customers with another level of meaningful insights to drive business decisions.”

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