Five Rules of Social Network Conduct Suggested by Altran

Who controls your e-reputation? To address what has now become a critical issue, the Altran group has launched “Master your reputation“, a large-scale campaign designed to raise the awareness of its 20,000 Innovation Makers around the world, as well as young graduates to the importance of efficiently managing their image on the internet and in particular on the social networks.

The aim of this offbeat campaign is to promote the proper code of conduct to follow on the internet and to draw attention to the risks attached to mismanaged internet exposure. By way of an amusing test, internet users can check their level of knowledge and vigilance in terms of e-reputation. The campaign also presents the 5 rules shared by Altran that internet users should know and respect in order to master their image, and, as such, their reputation.

The best solution to protect one’s internet image from being tainted is to control it! commented Frederic Fougerat, Altran group Vice-President Communications and Master Cat. As the global leader in the field of innovation, Altran sought to develop an innovative way to share the proper code of conduct for using the internet.”

The campaign’s dedicated website provides an introduction on e-reputation and a test that visitors can take to evaluate their knowledge of the web and determine the “lolcat” that corresponds to their specific profile. All content is based around the five rules that are central to the campaign’s underlying message and which will enable internet users to better manage their image: “The net never forgets”, “Better safe than sorry”, “Think public”, “Be professional”, and “Build your personal branding”.

“Master your reputation” differs from any theoretical or academic approach; the campaign comprises on-line and off-line support systems in all of the Group’s twenty operating countries. The viral impact is guaranteed by the numerous sharing options available and the possibility for visitors to appropriate the visual elements, notably those related to their lolcat profile, as determined by the test.

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