Social Agency Launches Most Comprehensive Guide to Social Networks

One of the UK’s leading social media agencies has launched a comprehensive guide to all of the world’s social networks, which is believed to be the first of its kind. The list, detailing and linking to almost 250 social networking sites, is more comprehensive than Wikipedia’s own list.

In order to prove that it’s not all about Facebook and Twitter, and there are other social networks that can prove to be successful for companies and individuals, a Gloucester based social media agency has launched a comprehensive list of all the social networks from around the world.

A Social Media Agency,, has put together the 238 network-long list, which can be found on their website at….

A Social Media Agency’s list of social networks is a comprehensive list of all the available social networks around the world, designed to let people know that, if the usual list of social networks doesn’t seem right for them, all hope is not lost.

Founded in 2011 as part of 10 Yetis PR Agency,, A Social Media Agency has worked with a number of well-known brands, including the National Trust, and

Iona St Joseph, Account Manager at A Social Media Agency, had the following to say about the launch:

“There are definitely some obvious key players in the world of social networks, but we wanted to prove that it’s about more than knowing your Facebook from your LinkedIn. Not only that, we wanted to let people know that if they didn’t feel like the big hitters were working for them, there were plenty of other options out there.”

She continued:

“The team worked really hard to put together the list of almost 250 networks, which we believe is the first of its kind, so it’s great to see everything come together on the site at last!”

Andy Barr, Managing Director at A Social Media Agency, added:

“We’re really pleased to be able to announce the launch of A Social Media Agency’s social networks list. A lot of work went into the project and, whilst other sites give a little insight into certain social networks, we believe that this list is the first full directory out there.”

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