3 in 4 adults shop online and 54% bank online

New figures reveal that 74% of UK adults have bought goods or services online this year, compared to 53% in 2008*. In addition, 53% of adults bank online, but Ukash, the global online cash payment provider, is highlighting the risk of a section of society being excluded simply because they don’t have credit or debit cards.

The recent figures show that 53% of UK adults bank online, rising from 30% as recently 2007 and almost three quarters of UK consumers shop online, with clothes the most popular purchase. However, Ukash believes a section of society continue to feel financially excluded.

Miranda McLean, Marketing Director at Ukash, said: “Our own research** shows that 81% of shoppers who have been refused credit feel there is a negative stigma attached to it. A shocking 27% of online shoppers who have been refused credit reported feeling like outcasts from society.

“The latest figures on online shopping demonstrate the growing consumer demand for the convenience of buying goods and services via tablets and mobile devices. But online shopping may feel out of reach for consumers who don’t have a credit card or bank account. Ukash offers easy online cash payments, as a real alternative to paying by card.”

Ukash eliminates the need to provide personal details online that could be hacked into by fraudsters. Online shoppers can convert their cash into a unique 19 digit Ukash code at thousands of convenient retail outlets around the UK. They can then use their code to pay directly for goods and services on the thousands of legitimate websites that accept Ukash as a payment option worldwide. This offers consumers a convenient and secure way to shop online without having to give any personal financial information and without needing a bank or credit card.

Miranda McLean concludes, “Shopping and paying online is becoming a fact of modern life, which makes it important that all consumers gain access to the benefits. In our survey, a third (33%) of online shoppers were unaware that you can buy goods online without a bank account or credit card, whilst 53% complained about a lack of payment alternatives from online retailers. We continue to work with a growing list of retailers and service providers to give consumers more choice and help them enjoy the advantage of shopping online without feeling excluded.”

Ukash offers a range of secure online cash payment methods, available to anyone, regardless of their credit rating or financial situation. In addition to Ukash vouchers, the Ukash prepaid MasterCard® is easy to top up with cash online by purchasing a Ukash code at over 50,000 outlets in the UK or directly with cash at any UK Post Office. It can be loaded with up to £5,000 and spent anywhere MasterCard® is accepted worldwide. For more information visit Ukash.com.

Find out more about Ukash on Facebook at Facebook.com/PayWithUkash or Twitter at Twitter.com/PayWithUkash.

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