1&1 now partners with CloudFlare

1&1 Internet, Ltd., www.1and1.co.uk, a global leader amongst Web hosting providers, has partnered with CloudFlare to deliver improved website performance to its customers.  As a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN), CloudFlare’s technology proves to reduce the latency between data centres and end users.

This effective partnership will deliver optimal performance, greater availability for websites.  Website owners, for example, especially those who acquire visitors from the other side of the world, are able to deliver a flawless user experience.

Robert Hoffmann, CEO Hosting, 1&1 Internet, comments, “1&1 has been eager to collaborate with an innovative CDN such as CloudFlare in order to further strengthen our Web hosting platform for both businesses and developers world-wide.  Impressive website experience, improved traffic and reduced bounce rates are all tangible results that customers gain from such a strong partnership.  CloudFlare will deliver new advanced CDN features to us in the coming months”.

1&1 now advances its CloudFlare offerings within 1&1 web hosting packages to encompass CloudFlare’s impressive Mirage™ and Railgun™ optimization. The Mirage feature automatically checks the type of connection and screen size that a website will be viewed upon in order to properly evaluate that the images are being displayed effectively. Images will be perfectly displayed regardless of whether the website is viewed through mobile, desktop, tablet or laptop devices.

While Mirage™ functionality enhances image display and quality, the Railgun™ feature, a key USP of CloudFlare, boosts the connection and delivery speed for Web content which was formerly unable to be cached. Previously, dynamic content was categorized as ‘uncachable’ and required more time and resources to load new each time.  However, CloudFlare has now developed a new technique to identify and deliver the incremental changes quickly, thus allowing the delivery of dynamic websites to be more responsive no matter where in the world the visitor is located.

“We’re thrilled to partner with 1&1 Internet to bring CloudFlare to millions of their customers”, said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare. “Through our partnership, any 1&1 customer now has access to global performance and additional security.  The 1&1 team has integrated CloudFlare with ease of use in mind, so any customer can get a faster and safer website with just a few clicks.”

1&1’s Web hosting range starts from £0.99/month. The Unlimited and Unlimited Plus packages currently include 1&1 CDN powered by CloudFlare and customers with SSL are also offered the option of an add-on version via their control panel. For more information about 1&1 Internet Ltd. and its Web hosting offerings, visit www.1and1.co.uk/web-hosting

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