Author searching for stories for the new book ‘Digital Leadership in Action’

‘How ready are we for the digital change that’s needed to serve our customers and communities?’ asks, Sofie Sandell. ‘Where can we find inspiration and stories from?’

Sofie Sandell is searching for stories for her next book “Digital Leadership in Action” where people, organisations and companies have uses new digital technology and social media to build relationships, create an impact and connect in an inspiring way.

Digital Leadership is about:

  • being creative with digital tools and dare to be innovative
  • creating a sustainable future
  • helping others to understand the power behind the internet
  • serving your customers and your community
  • better communication internally and externally
  • using the language of creativity that helps people do things they believed were impossible.

The story can feature a person or a team in an organisation. Some of the talents and skills that they probably have are:

  • inspiring leadership skills
  • they understood their customers need
  • the ability to inspire others
  • knowledge how to build communities online
  • the skills to create power from almost nothing.

Quotes from the book Digital Leadership, published in Sept, 2013: 

“Creative leaders attract talented people. They are likely to get the best to work with them.”

“Digital creative leaders let go of the old and make space for the new to expand.”

“Being able to connect with others and build rapport is key if you want to make an impact and build sustainable relationships”

“Creative leaders stick their necks out in critical situations. They challenge decisions and want to understand how they will influence the future.”

“Leadership is about looking for better solutions for the people around you. Continual improvement can only happen when leaders show the way and dare to take on conflict”

Do you know any stories we all can learn from? 

Sofie Sandell wants to get to know the people behind the stories, what they did, why they did it and how they used digital technology to connect and reach further. Digital Leadership can happen in an organisation that has a long history, it can be a new organisation challenging status quo and it can be one person starting an initiative and inviting people to participate.

If you would like to submit your story or tell me about an inspiring story please fill in the questions: 

(copy and paste into a document an send it to ):

Name of the organisation / project / company:


Names of people involved:

Contact details – email and mobile numbers:

What does your organisation do:

Share the background story:

Describe the problems you have overcome by using digital technology?

What are the outcomes?

How has your initiative helped and supported your customers or communities?

How did you come up with the ideas?

What did you do differently compared to before?

Who were your biggest supporters in achieving the results?

What was the three biggest problems in leading change?

What did you do to overcome them?

For more information please contact Sofie Sandell at

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