6 Facts That Will Give Meaning to Your Marketing Strategy

Experts have touted the success of most companies as being dependent on marketing tactics. Companies and researchers have invested a lot of money trying to identify marketing tactics guaranteed to produce good results. Tactics such as blogging, outdoor advertising, retail merchandising use of social media, are some of the methods employed by companies to promote their brands.

Yet even the companies that seem to have come up with the best tactic, sometimes get bad sales results. This goes to show that marketing strategies cannot operate in isolation. The best marketing strategy alone cannot guarantee your product or service will perform well. This is because:

People are the key, not tactics and strategies

Most marketers focus so much on the medium they are using to advertise, because they think that the medium is what affects the consumer’s decision to buy.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are some of the platforms used to advertise. Let’s say you have a female customer who has a Facebook profile. As she browses through her Facebook page, she notices an advert for your recipe book, that is selling at 70% discount and that promises to contain recipes compiled by the world’s top chefs.As she likes gourmet cooking and the advert sounds like an exciting proposition, she clicks on it and buys the recipe book.

As a marketer, you might be tempted to argue that the sale happened because the mode of advertising used was Facebook.The fact of the matter is though, the sale would have happened whether or not she stumbled on the advert on Facebook, a blog, she saw it on TV or in a magazine.

Therefore, the following are true:

  • Platform does not matter, buying is driven by the customer’s needs

The decision by any customer to buy a product or subscribe for a service is driven by need. Because this specific customer wants to cook like a chef, she decided to buy the recipe book.

If there were two other separate adverts on her Facebook page, perhaps one offering ballet classes and the other offering piano lessons.Sinceshe is not interested in these activities, she most likely would not click on them even if they were being offered for free.

  • The message is the most important thing

Going by the example given, the message was so enticing for the customer that it led to a decision to buy.

Therefore, you can market on all platforms and employ the best tactics but without the customer’s need and a great message, your strategy to market will fail.

Failure to get results does not mean the tactic employed was wrong

Part of the reason for the development of so many marketing tactics it is because many companies usually employ one tactic and when it fails to deliver results, they quickly move to the next tactic. In fact, it’s not strange to hear a marketer blaming bad sales results on a strategy used for marketing.

Your marketing tactic is just a tool to communicate a message about your product or service to your customers. It does not guarantee sales; how you use it is what will guarantee sales.

If you don’t get good sales, look at your message and your product and work on them to make people want to buy.

Your marketing strategy should be very targeted

As a business person, it is only prudent to admit to yourself that your products and services are not suitable to every target group in the market.

People have different preferences and due to this, no matter how well you market, not every person will be running to buy your product or use your service.

As a marketer or owner of a company, avoid trying to sell to every person in the market, as this could be counterproductive. By trying to target everyone, you will fail to pass the message regarding the value of your product to those who would be interested.

Be very specific with who you are targeting and craft a message specifically for them.

Give customers the benefits they are looking for

Knowing your customer is the greatest way to deliver value to them. Do not sell to customers based on your perceived benefitsof your product or service. Instead, establish from your customers what benefits they are looking for and then offer them exactly that.

When customers see that you are keen on giving them products that will benefit them, they will stay loyal to your brand. Striking a balance in this area is critical. You cannot satisfy everyone in the market. So identify your target group, and create a product with benefits that suits that target group.

Package your benefits in the most creative way, because your competition are probably offering similar proposition.

Do not ignore what your competitors are doing

For every product you make, there are probably dozens other like it in the market.The trick to selling therefore is to make sure that your product always stands out above the rest.

If you are starting a blog for instance, put a lot of thought into meaningful things you can do to stand out visibly. If customers can’t see what makes your product proposition different, they won’t have any compelling reason to buy.

The worst thing you can do to your brand is to ignore your competitors. By knowing what your competitors are offering and then making a conscious effort to offer something better will have customers remembering you.

You have to make people trust your marketing

Testimonials make it possible for more customers to trust you. You might have the best marketing strategy and the best product, but if people don’t see how others have benefitted from it, they will have no reason to believe in you.

Another way to assure your customers that you are offering quality is to give trial products. Not only do people like free products, but also most will take this gesture to mean that you are so confident your product works, you are even willing to give a few samples without expecting any money back.

In conclusion: Where does your marketing tactic fit in?

The bottom line for you as a marketer or business owner isalways to remember to work on your message, focus on your target group and offer benefits to your customers. With these in mind, any tactic you use will give you great results. To know more visit this site http://remotedba.com/


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